Twin-Framed All-Welded Sport Lockers

Our Pro-Sport Twin-Frame all-welded open-front athletic lockers are designed to accommodate the storage of a wide variety of athletic gear and apparel while allowing maximum ventilation.
Pro-Sport lockers feature our Twin-Frame design which provides two front frame channels between sides of multiple column units and integral sides which are diamond perforated for ventilation.
Pro-Sport lockers are engineered to last the lifetime of your facility. We guarantee it!

Configuration Options:

Choose only the Base Model Pro-Sport locker which includes one upper hat shelf with a two single prong wall hooks and one double prong ceiling hook or add as many of these options to your unit to create the best model with all desired functionality.

  • Lower seat/shelf
  • Lower seat/footlocker
  • Upper wallet security box
  • Upper 12" wide security box
  • Upper full-width security compartment
  • Optional Coat Rod (Replaces double prong ceiling hook).


All MIG welded construction. 16 gauge Hollow-T tubular sections running top-to-bottom at all 4 corners of each locker column. 16 gauge double channel run front to back at both the top and bottom of each locker side Vertical Side Panels: 13 gauge cold rolled steel 1/2’’ flattened expanded metal framed by Hollow-T tubular framing system. Locker Base: 14 gauge cold rolled steel channel running full width of welded locker unit at both front and back
Finger Pull (security boxes), Padlock Hasp
Friction Catch, Spring Bolt, Padlock Loop
Piano Hinge (optional compartments), Top Hinged (security compartment)

Optional Upper-Security Compartments (utilizing standard hat shelf):

Wallet Security Box:  Shall be 7-1/4” wide x 9” deep x 7-1/4” high fabricated from 16 gauge cold rolled sheet steel and include a 14 gauge side hinged solid door.  Door hinge shall be a 16 gauge piano hinge.  Security Box to be securely riveted to the front right corner of hat shelf. Door to have a combination friction catch door pull.  Padlock Strike Plates are optional.

12" Wide Security Box:  To be formed of 14 gauge cold rolled sheet steel and securely MIG welded in place.  The Door to be 14 gauge cold rolled sheet steel with plain (non-ventilated) door.  Two heavy-duty 13 gauge 7-knuckle 3-1/2" hinges are to be MIG welded to the door and riveted to the side of the security box.  Door to have a projecting combination spring-bolt/padlock hasp door pull.  Padlock Strike Plates are optional.

Full-Width Upper-Security Compartment:  Shall be top hinged and be fabricated from single sheet prime 14 gauge with single bend at top and sides with a double bend at latch point (bottom).  Door shall be perforated with Security-Plus ventilation.  A spring-loaded galvanized latch assembly shall be securely welded to the inside of the door.  The latch shall be a minimum of 11 gauge, be equipped with a stainless steel spring and shall automatically engage when door is closed.  Rubber bumpers shall be riveted to return bends on doors.  Locking devise shall be designed for use with both a padlock and built-in lock. Top hinged gym door shall be hinged using a 3/16" diameter continuous hinge rod completely recessed into the door with a concealed fastener. Padlock Strike Plates are optional.


Optional Lower Seat or Foot Locker

Optional Lower Seat/Shelf:  Shall be 16 gauge galvanneal sheet steel,  have double bends at front and shall engage slots in the Hollow "T" vertical frame members at all four corners and be securely welded to the frame and side.  A reinforcing bar shall be welded to the inside of the front return bend for added strength.

Optional Foot Locker:  Seat shall be formed of 14 gauge cold rolled sheet steel with stiffener sections for reinforcement and be prepared for padlock.  Foot Locker front panel shall be 14 gauge cold rolled sheet steel with Security-Plus ventilation.  A rubber bumper is to be mounted to locker back to cushion seat in the open position. Padlock Strike Plates are optional.

Optional seat cushion - Contact us for color and padding options

24 Designer Powder Coat Colors for Production Lockers - see below

Enhance your decor with two-tone color combinations, doors one color and frame a second color, 

Color Selection:

See our Color Info Page for more information about colors.Color Info

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Single Tier
Widths 15", 18", 24",30", 33", 36"
Depths 12", 16", 18", 22"
Opening Heights  
Column Heights 60", 72" 84"



* All models are shown with optional stainless steel coat rod.


Open hat shelf and open lower area
seat/shelf & open hat shelf
seat/foot locker & open hat shelf
open lower area & upper wallet security box
seat/shelf & upper wallet security box
seat/foot locker & upper wallet security box
open lower area & upper 12" wide security box
seat/shelf & upper 12" wide security box
seat/foot locker & upper 12" wide security box
open lower area & upper full width security compartment
seat/shelf & upper full width security compartment
seat/foot locker & upper full width security compartment